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Professional event consultancy

Do you need to boost your conference? Maybe you need help finding the common thread in this year’s theme?

Impact Group’s event consultancy helps you get closer to colleagues or customers at your conference. Advice to maximise the benefits of your conferences. Every conference has a purpose, and that is our guiding principle. It’s important to be clear from the start what you want to achieve in order to succeed with your conference. We help you analyse and plan accordingly.


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We stand for:


A detailed project plan


Event programme


Coordination with suppliers


Budget (approved by you)


All details in activities

What are the needs of your customers or colleagues?

We take your company culture as our starting point when we advise on a conference. For example, the activities we optimise your conference with can vary greatly from company to company.

We use a variety of tools to make your conference flow smoothly and seamlessly. For example, music can be an important element to link activities together. It can also be an important element in an ‘energiser’, which is our way of providing fresh oxygen to the brain after sitting and chewing on heavy substances for a few hours.

Energizers are different activities that allow participants to get out of their chairs. An important break in the professional programme. The small creative breaks allow the professional part of a conference to sink in and be digested. Energizers can also visualise what thoughts the conference triggers.

As external consultants, we take a ride in the helicopter and see your business conference from above. We look at challenges with fresh eyes and have extensive experience of what works. Most of all, we ask the questions that you can only ask when you’re remote. It brings the process to the finish line.

You should choose Impact Group as event consultants for your internal conference because we have extensive experience and receive excellent feedback on our work. Our customers are particularly impressed by our ability to meet individual needs. We tailor our work to the individual target group.

Rikke realises your company party – whatever you dream of!

Rikke Vestenbæk
Director and event planner

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