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Having community and teamwork within a company is essential for success. This helps to ensure that your organisation has motivated employees. At Impact Group, we have many years of experience in planning team building activities for companies. We know what it takes to strengthen community in your workplace.

We take the time to get to know you and your employees better so we can tailor a programme that’s just right for you. We plan everything from start to finish, so all you have to worry about is joining in the fun activities.


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How you can strengthen employee unity

What is team building and why is it good?

The term ‘teambuilding’ covers a wide range of things, but if you want to bring your employees together, it’s a great tool. There are plenty of activities and team building exercises that are great for nurturing and developing the sense of community and unity in a company. Exercises that strengthen relationships between employees and can be crucial to achieving a good working environment.


Collaboration is the foundation

In most organisations, collaboration and community are important elements when it comes to getting work done. Therefore, as an employer, you need to make sure that there is good cohesion among your employees. This helps to ensure that the challenges that arise in everyday life can be solved in a good and efficient way. Team building is a great tool for this. Being thrown into an unfamiliar situation is an opportunity to work together towards a common solution. As colleagues strengthen their relationships and competences, this will make group work and collaboration in everyday life easier for employees to manage. Teambuilding often consists of coordination tasks, but the nature of each task can be different and there are both difficult and easy activities, each with their own focus.

Outdoor activities as a tool to boost job satisfaction

Outdoor teambuilding is special because outdoor exercises take you away from the familiar confines of the office or factory. Sun and light often bring out positivity and good humour in participants, and there are several outdoor activities that are ideal for team building based on teamwork. Activities that can make working back at the company easier and more efficient, and that can move you forward professionally and socially.

For example, a GPS challenge in a forest or city can help to strengthen the collaboration between employees when it comes to finding items using just a GPS. Each participant will quickly find their place in their assigned group, and before long the group will work together to figure out which way to go, where a post is located or where they are. At the same time, trust is brought into the task, and as colleagues, participants will learn to compromise to reach the goal together. At Impact Group, we have extensive experience in planning corporate events for many different types of customers and companies. The teambuilding elements can be combined across age groups, genders and professions, making them ideal for everything from kick-offs to summer parties.

When creativity creates solutions

Team building exercises often contain creative elements that provide a great opportunity to get to know unknown sides of your colleagues. Creativity can be involved in outdoor activities, but there are also many exercises that focus on team building that take place indoors. When companies want to strengthen their employees’ teamwork skills, one way to do this is through team building competitions. You can divide your employees into teams to compete in disciplines such as creative cooking, board games or crazy exercises to get a good laugh.

Many team building activities are built around a competitive element, but of course this is not a must. If the purpose of the team building exercise is workplace well-being and you need to work on reducing stress, simply adapt the exercises to suit the specific group of employees.

Teambuilding should be fun

Team building should have a fun element and be entertaining for the employees who participate. If you build the exercises on laughter and laughter, employees will be more committed to the things they do, and the processes will stick better and subsequently be used more in everyday life. The ideal team building day can be difficult to organize on your own, which is why we at Impact Group can help with everything from the wild kick-off to the calm team building in your company.


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