Family day

Family day for company employees

Giv jeres medarbejdere en sjov dag sammen meGive your employees a fun day out with their familiesd deres familier

At Family Day, you get to see new sides of your colleagues and put faces to the ones you hear so much about. It’s nice to finally see Alma or Villads when you’ve heard so much about the last birthday party or how things are going in kindergarten. Gather colleagues and families for a day that shakes everyone up and provides a great experience.


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Rikke Vestenbæk
Director and event planner

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Your wishes are our first priority.

Impact Group aligns needs and budget and makes the best arrangements based on the funds available. Your wishes are our first priority. We deliver a well-organised and professional product so your employees and their families can enjoy the family day.

Family Day is a gift from you to your employees and their families, showing that your organisation values their work. A day that strengthens employees’ bond with their workplace and creates value and unity.

Family day at Christmas

Elves handing out gingerbread and children getting glue and clay on their fingers in Santa’s workshop. Family day at Christmas is a classic favourite for families with children. The kids sing along to ‘On the ceiling sits Santa’ as everyone walks around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and starts to look forward to Christmas. Finally, warm apple slices, mulled wine and hot chocolate as the grand finale.

Family day at Easter

Taking mum or dad to work is even more fun if there are Easter eggs hiding in the grass outside. Easter is a great opportunity to gather employees and their families for an event that brings the company together and, for example, celebrates the Easter holidays. Wishing you happy holidays. It’s a good idea to hold the Easter event at the company itself, so you can show new sides of the workplace.

Family day in the summer

Kokken styrer bøffer og pølser på grillen, bordene frister med salat, brød og drikkevarer. Maybe a soft ice cream for the kids as a dessert – summer family day can become a great new tradition. A gesture for your employees and their families to relax and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

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