Virtual events

Impact Group can conduct all types of events virtually

Why choose virtual events? It’s an easy and flexible way to maintain momentum in your collaboration with customers, employees or new customers. In addition, another great benefit is that online events are time-saving and have fewer travel costs. Virtual solutions are therefore a great alternative for capturing your already planned events.


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What are virtual events?

A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual online environment. A virtual event allows you to host a variety of events and can include live streaming, webcasts, live-on-tape recordings and webinars.

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Virtual events include:


Virtual conference


Virtual party


Virtual office party


Virtual reception


Virtual anniversary


Virtual teambuilding

Other fun ideas for online events:


Send a video greeting


Create online competitions


Live videochat


Create a virtual Friday bar


Host a virtual lunch

Rikke realises your company party – whatever you dream of!

Rikke Vestenbæk
Director and event planner

Everything in Events

Virtual teambuilding

Strategically designed virtual team building activities increase communication while strengthening team identity. We can help you utilize the digital space for fun and different team building activities.

Virtual Christmas party

A virtual Christmas party is often a larger online Christmas event that requires planning and structure. The benefit is that people can interact in a secure virtual online environment across countries.

Virtual party

A virtual party can help create a festive online event where people interact and build relationships in a virtual online environment. This can be valuable if there are large distances between company departments.

Whatever digital event your company is facing, we guarantee high quality service and AV technology.

We are a full-service event company. This means that we provide all services related to digital events. Over the years we have produced several demanding events and we don’t turn down a challenge. Nothing is too big or small, whatever the task, Impact Group is known for its commitment.

As your event company, we take care of both the practical and communicative tasks. Our approach is hands-on and we get things done. We are committed, efficient and uncompromising when organising events.

That’s why we have satisfied and loyal customers who stay with us after experiencing our work. We are an event company that delivers a professional and proper quality product – also within short time frames. We give you the best starting point for memorable events with just the right atmosphere.

We have organised events in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Herning and Odense, so we cover all of Denmark, and our event company has offices in both Copenhagen and Aalborg.

If you want a full-service event company that understands the new virtual “world” “reality”, contact us today at +45 7020 7720. It’s important for us to listen to you and hear about your individual needs. Have a chat with us or fill out the contact form here.

Impact Group closely follows regulatory developments and is ready with solutions for your business.

Creative experiences

We believe that you can create events filled with unforgettable experiences regardless of the size of your budget. Impact Group creates a wide range of events, including creative ones.

An event agency like ours offers many types of events. Impact Group focuses on creative experiences with a new approach to traditional corporate events such as Christmas parties, summer parties and kick-offs, which we take to new and higher standards.

In principle, there is no limit to how different an event can be. The event will be a success when you, us and the suppliers work together creatively.

Precise project management

An event is not a sure success without project management. Impact Group guarantees professional and tight budget management, detailed project plans and close co-operation.

Good project management from start to finish is crucial to ensure you get the best possible event. That’s why, as an event agency, we recruit the best project managers on the market.

Read more about project management at Impact Group here.

Full-service events

Your needs are at the centre when we organise an event. It’s our job as an event company to create a great experience that is as close to your performances as possible. We have great success in planning events because we focus on you. Our event agency, with offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg, is your partner throughout the process and we guarantee a well-organised event.

Call +4570207720 and talk to us about your event dreams. We listen to you and advise on how to realise your ideas.

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