Kick-offs for your business

A kick-off event gives employees or partners a positive boost both socially and professionally. It is an event that is often based on teamwork and experiences that build relationships between employees or partners.

For example, we’ve organised a kick-off event where participants had a meeting with high professional content during the day and were then divided into groups for a GPS challenge in the forest. At one post, a helicopter was waiting and everyone got a ride for 10 minutes. Of course, the kick-off ended with a gala dinner and overnight stay.


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A kick-off creates a good collegial atmosphere in the workplace. Participants get an exciting professional programme as well as a social event that lifts spirits and builds trust within the company.

A kick-off event is more than just a fun outing, it’s ultimately a value-adding event. A day where the company can talk about its strategy and combine the professional with the creative.

Impact Group will create the ideal setting for your kick-off and make sure everything runs smoothly. We listen to your wishes and do everything we can to realise them. Let us take care of all the practicalities so you can just enjoy it.

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