175th anniversary of manufacturing company

Area: Aalborg

Number of guests: 350 guests

Event type: 175th anniversary


What did the customer want?

The customer wanted to celebrate their 175th anniversary with a big party at Gigantium in Aalborg for 350 guests. They wanted to create a memorable and festive party for their employees, with fun speeches, entertainment and of course, fun and color.


What solution was delivered?

A professional solution was delivered where one of the sports halls in Gigantium was transformed into a party room with round tables, big beautiful trees, a large bar and lots of colored lights to create a festive atmosphere. To entertain the guests, they were welcomed by “Cafe Kølbert” and their fun waiters.

The entertainment included a performance by the “Special Class” with their improv comedy show, which was tailor-made for their anniversary celebration, with fun facts, anecdotes and more from the last 175 years.

aTo end the party, live music from “Stagebreakers” was fired up, which was later replaced by a DJ who played music late into the night.


What was the result?

The result was a successful and memorable 175th anniversary celebration for the company. The client received a carefully planned and executed anniversary party that transformed a sports hall into a festive venue.

Kunden fik en omhyggeligt planlagt og udført jubilæumsfest, der forvandlede en sportshal til et festligt sted.

The entertainment and music added to the festive atmosphere and guests enjoyed an evening of fun, music and celebration to mark the company’s anniversary.