Team building in the wind industry

Area: Aarhus

Number of guests: 70 guests

Event-type: Teambuilding


What did the customer want?

The customer wanted to organise a teambuilding day in Aarhus for 70 participants. The aim of the event was to strengthen the unity and integration between three divisions of the company, following recent acquisitions and on the back of Covid-19.

They wanted a venue that was easy to get to and with parking options, while not being a “traditional” venue that someone might have been to before.


What solution was delivered?

Impact Group exclusively booked the PR Lounge at AGF Stadium in Aarhus as the chosen venue for the event. In close collaboration with our partner Fieldmore, we organised team building exercises designed to promote and strengthen collaboration between the three departments.

Impact Group also took care of all the other details of the event, such as lunch, drinks, snacks and a “to-go” dinner to round off the day.


What was the result?

The result was a successful day where 70 participants from the company’s three divisions had the opportunity to interact, get to know each other better and strengthen collaboration.

Our long collaboration with Fieldmore contributed to a professional and well-executed execution of the teambuilding activities and helped fulfil the customer’s goals, which were:

They wanted to bring the three departments closer together during a time of change and challenges in the company.